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Examples of a Truncated Formula:

Applications of the New Cosmology

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I would like to provide a somewhat different perspective to the campaign we are presently engaged in to counteract the propaganda machine of the agents of the Status Quo. The problem of the preponderance of the Ignorance has to be understood through the very ‘formula’ Supermind requires for its deployment. There are four integers in the formula. Three are given in Sri Aurobindo’s symbol itself. So, in a sense this is not my revelation but his and the Mother’s since we know that she designed their symbols.

If the Law of Three has been cited by Robert, it is not enough to give a list of when and where this Law has been used or referred to in the past to the present. We need to provide living examples of its necessity applied to our work as well as this on-going discussion. To that end there is no better example than the condition of the two ‘fields’ Sri Aurobindo and the Mother established which most assume were meant to be the official representatives of their joint mission, entrusted with the task of carrying their work forward into the future. Given that the formula has been rejected in these representative ‘fields’ and that the Third Factor (or integer) has been excluded, of course there is no such formula to apply as taken from his own official symbol. This should suffice to convince any observer that there is ‘trouble in paradise!’

The result of this exclusion is that we are left with the Old Way, the dual formulation of reality – He and She, or Purusha and Prakriti. What is lacking in this arrangement is the power of impulsion, or renovation, or a forward drive. Or else, to borrow from the Puranas, we have Shiva lost in meditation of the transcendent heights from where he refuses to descend. To save the Earth Brahma concedes to send Parvati in order to draw him back to Earth and engage in its very special Lila. She brings the Formula to the mix, in the form of the three gunas. Thus the Earth was saved because out of their dalliance was born the Son-Conqueror who defeats the mighty Tarakasura [see Secrets of the Earth, Part 8]. In every Age of Vishnu the hostile force that must be dealt with will always be an agent of the status quo since every appearance of Vishnu’s emanations introduces a new level of consciousness and a progress up the ladder of evolution. Thus, it necessarily stands that the third ‘integer’ and its representative will be the most combated, because without that Third there is no dynamism.
A system saddled with duality as the basis of its perception of reality cannot experience dynamism; and there is one certainty of the Supramental Manifestation: its dynamic quality, for even the experience of Peace in the practice of the Integral Yoga must be dynamic. In his Letters on Yoga, Sri Aurobindo has made this clear time and again. I need not labour the point further. But I will continue to discuss the living examples of what occurs when that dynamism is absent, the essence of the Third Principle. Without the Law of Three stagnation is predictable and unavoidable. Lamentably, this is the condition of both the Ashram and Auroville. They have been engulfed in stagnation due to rejection of the very Formula Sri Aurobindo himself laid down. In fact, Auroville’s membership has not increased for three decades; a township that was meant to house 50,000 has barely 2000.

In a further application which involves both Sri Aurobindo’s mission and the Sanatana Dharma (indeed they cannot be separated), we find the three gunas which describe the same process conveyed in the 9/6/3 of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol. These are the cosmic properties required for the expression and manifestation of that Dharma. Elimination of any one of them is unthinkable for the very fact that if the Dharma is ‘eternal’, sanatana, it must bear the Law of Three and be structured accordingly [ibid, Part 2].

Supermind carries the process to greater heights by updating the Line of Ten Avatars in that today’s applications are far more precise and verifiable. Thus the incarnated members of the Solar Line, by their birthdates and hence the zodiacal signs in which they were born, present us with both the number-powers of the Avatar’s Formula as well as the three gunas, rajas-Capricorn (3), sattwa-Leo (9), tamas-Pisces (6). Note that Rajas-3’s elimination is imperative when the objective is to cling to the dual power-base. As such, the renewing thrust of Rajas is entirely missing, resulting necessarily in stagnation. We may thereby state that the simplest way to recognise asuric forces in the Ages of Vishnu is when they are seen to channel their energies to the elimination of the Third at all costs. This is not an imaginary scenario; it has been the proven goal of elements in both the Ashram and Auroville.

Another example can be provided by the Gunas and the manner in which they figure in the Capricorn symbol-map. Therein the threefold harmony has been broken up because of the partitioned state of the Indian landmass at Independence; this can be verified by observation of the map where Pakistan and Bangladesh (Rajas and Tamas sections) have been carved out leaving gaps where energy seeps through, thus weakening the nation. Such being the case, the resultant three nations have been unable to unite their energies for the expression of a triune harmony which, by its very nature, is rendered invincible. Contemporary subcontinental history describes for us the result of such a truncation.

To prove the validity of Supermind’s Formula as it appears in Sri Aurobindo’s symbol, we are given these living situations which explain the necessity of the Harmony of Three. Particularly today in this time of acceleration, clinging to old formulas can only further the status quo and therefore the programme of the Asura to arrest the forward march, which if allowed to continue can only make manifest what the Truth-Conscious ‘seed’ contains that the Avatar and his Line have planted in the Earth’s consciousness-soil.

Next there is the prominent role of time in the New Way. We take the three phases of time – past, present, future – in the application of the same Formula. Again, our example must be factual and not theoretical: 9 is the future; 6 the past; 3 the present. Carried over to the members of the Solar Line, apart from the gunas each one embodies, they are Sri Aurobindo 9 (Transcendent-future); the Mother 6 (Cosmic-past); the Third 3 (Individual Soul-present). The time mechanism has been (apparently) impaired due to, precisely, rejection of the 3 of the equation. The Ashram and Auroville provide examples of the Past and Future disconnected in their temporal expression because the Bridge of the Present joining one to the other – bridging the abyss of Time as it were – is missing as an integrated experience for the two communities. As noted, there cannot be any fruitful outcome as a result of this temporal truncation. The truncated symbol-map reveals the spatial condition of the nation where Supermind is to be rooted; the former symbol-fields reveal the same, but in time, a temporal truncation in place of a unity of time.

There remains perhaps the most important part to discuss: vertical and horizontal directions. The Solar Line in this particular Age of Vishnu adds the Vertical Direction which is made factual through time’s measures. Thus, as previously indicated, 9/6/3 when applied to actual births in time as measurable in the universal calendar, describe an involution that is then imprinted in the evolutionary matrix through Yoga. In a sense we could state that each birth of the three members of the Formula stakes claim to a time slot. More precisely, each one adds that temporal ingredient to the ‘seed’ of the supramental Truth-Consciousness which the Age of Vishnu requires for its goals to be achieved. Sri Aurobindo’s symbol provides the basic Formula; and we have seen how each member of his line does bring the required number-power into the ‘seed’. Then with the forward march of Time the involved ingredients of the supramental Seed evolve through the agency of Mahakala and become permanent evolutionary imprints.

Once the three are involved through actual births (otherwise how could the Formula become operational?) to truly make this 9th/10th manifestation of Vishnu different from all his other appearances in previous Ages, a fourth element is demanded. This fourth stage is where time and space become integrated; it is the mysterious ‘conquest’ of the Aryan Warrior in the Rig Veda, the formula of which is revealed in the text [ibid, Part 7].

The complete Formula beyond the essential trinity of 9/6/3 is logically another triad added (remember, it is always the Law of Three); then we reach the Zero. This Zero is the actual ‘seed’, in the Veda known as Agni. When this integer is added we come to know that Zero as FULLNESS because it bears the compact triadic formula in its core, similar to the atom which also bears a triad in its nucleus. Contrast this supramental Zero with the Zero that has reached us after Buddhism and Advaita: shunya, emptiness. Restoring that Fullness of Vedic tradition is precisely the ‘error of the Buddha’ which had to be corrected, according to Sri Aurobindo.

And so, we now have 9/6/3/0 – four stages. But still the work of ‘correction’ is not complete. If the process is to be supramental and its symbol is the Square (as in Sri Aurobindo’s own symbol where its innermost square holds the Formula) the 0/4th must somehow take us from the descending involution (0) to evolution (1), for only then can Agni become ‘the leader of the hosts’ and make sense of his description as Usha’s vahana, the white steed. This occurs through a reversal that takes place at that fourth level. The Zero must give forth the One out of the impacted, involved Seed of itself. And so it has been, so it has come to pass.
When this point in time is reached (literally the first point in space to ‘fill the void’), then evolution through and from the Seed begins. Applied to the ongoing discussion, this comes to pass through the Third who gives birth to the Fourth who is the One. In terms of the allocation of ‘fields’ for their Yogas, the Third’s is the centre as provided for her by the Mother in her original blueprint of the Inner Chamber. It is part of the vertical direction, or descent. The Fourth’s is symbolically represented by the horizontal expanse from the central Point – i.e., the City. That is, the Fourth reverses the movement and initiates EXPANSION when the descending CONTRACTION is concluded.

It needs to be understood that these ‘fields’ are not the actual physical temple and city in Auroville. They served for a time as representative focal points for the Yoga of the Third that was to bring into being, through the allegiance of Mahakala, a centre in its fullest cosmological sense. Once completed the representative field was no longer required. The collection, Chronicles of the Inner Chamber ( makes the process clear: Knowledge displaces Ignorance. Or better, Gnosis makes sense even of the Ignorance by instilling it with ‘purpose’. Thus it is transformed by the dynamics of the New Way to ‘serve the purposes of the One’.

We may now apply what I have described so far to the Indian landmass.

The horizontal direction is India proper where, as its present condition indicates, the Capricorn truncated landmass allows for energy to be drained off. The Supramental Manifestation integrates time and space through the vertical descent of the members of the Solar Line; but in the present condition of the nation a depletion of energy exists in the spatial/physical expanse where this descent is to take root and from where it can envelop the entire globe. Therefore, with the completion of the vertical descent there still remains the question of integration at the fourth stage of the process.
This is achieved through a method that can help to integrate and make whole the Body of the Mother. Hence the Movement (MRVW) initiated a campaign to bring into operation a proper calendar that can achieve this integration in the horizontal field which covers the whole of India, affecting approximately 80% of the population. The present calendar in use by Hindus is a classic ‘divide and rule’ tactic of the Asura. To emasculate Hinduism the simplest means is to impose a calendar that disperses energies rather than unites them; that is, 80% of the nation’s energies. The depleted amount is proportionate to the quantity of landmass that was carved out of the country at Partition [see The Origins and Nature of Hindu Decline]. In such a situation how can Mahakala give his allegiance? When the object under discussion is an integrated whole – in a sense an applied and not theoretical space/time continuum – the problem can be measured by the tools the New Way offers to reach an exact quantum. The question is then, How to make whole what has been torn asunder by the Ignorance?
These factual examples prove one thing conclusively: the indispensability of the birth of the Third and through her the Yoga that adds the 3 to the involved supramental Seed so that with dynamism the agents of the status quo can no longer rule the day. It all hinges on the third integer, without which there is no birth of the One, the conquering victorious Fourth. Without the Third the Son in the old formulation stands ‘crucified’: Death is forever after the inescapable finality for the human species in evolution on Earth. By deduction, Sri Aurobindo’s mission can then be said to have failed, as many in the old fields do contend by their acts, if not their words. Thus this is what the agents of the Status Quo insist upon: the elimination of 3, for with the impulsion she brings and the Fourth’s power of integration, the victory of the One is certain.

The great rahasya, the secret of secrets lies in the supramental formula 9/6/3/0-1 just as Sri Aurobindo announced, for it alone tells us the precise manner in which the Transcendent (9) is made Immanent (1) through the applicable formulas of the new cosmology. The entire process has been superbly transcribed by the Mother in her original plan of the temple’s Inner Chamber, every item of which the agents of the Status Quo have defiled in the Auroville rendition. May we ask, if the value of the Mother’s vision and plan could not be appreciated and respected in the old fields, can we expect guidance on matters of the Integral and Supramental Yogas to come from those retrograde quarters?

The Mother’s vision was the litmus test. The results of that exercise cannot now be wished away [ ].

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